The Global Studies Institute provides administrative support to Global Oregon, a university-wide strategic initiative to enhance internationalization in the student experience, in research, and in our outreach to the state and the world. Below is a list of projects and programs supported by GSI:

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Join us for a virtual seminar on April 20 for the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology.

Faculty Collaboration Fund
Grants to bring researchers from global top 100 campuses to UO to partner with our faculty and prepare joint publications and research grant proposals.

Faculty Research Grants
Three award types to support faculty international research. Research grants in: 1) Global Sustainability, 2) Global Ethics and Human Rights, and 3) Global Engagement.

Passport Project
GSI and GEO cover full cost of a US passport for any Pell grant eligible or Pathway Oregon student. Put the passport in the hands of students who never dreamed of international travel, and help them become citizens of the world.

Graduate Research Grants
Five awards of $2,000 to enable Ph.D. and M.A. students to conduct international field research.

Undergraduate Research Awards
Ten awards of $500 to give UO undergrads their first exposure to international field research projects.

Global Enhancements for Your Class
GSI can facilitate an introduction between UO faculty and an international faculty and/or professional who can speak to students on a wide range of topics at no charge. 

UO Academic Embassies
Permanent offices in key global cities to set up faculty research partnerships, internships for UO students, new study abroad opportunities, and recruitment of top students to UO.

UO Language Council
Coalition of UO language instructors, departments, administrators, and students dedicated to leveraging UO language teaching excellence to enhance the global career readiness of UO graduates.

Translation Studies Working Group
A diverse group of faculty, graduate students, and active professional community members and emeriti who pursue research, teaching, and practice related to multiple and interdisciplinary forms of translation.

UO-MACHS 2+X Program
This program provides opportunities for students from Mohammad Al Mana College of Health Sciences (MACHS) to earn a competitive scholarship to complete their bachelor’s degrees at the University of Oregon.

Regional & Country Working Groups
UO faculty, staff, and student gatherings to develop strategy and build programs in key locations around the world.