UO-MACHS 2+X Global Health Program

The UO-MACHS 2+X Global Health Program is part of a long-term partnership between the University of Oregon and the Mohammed Al-Mana College for Medical Sciences (MACHS).

2+X Global Health Program


Mohammad Al Mana College of Health Sciences The 2+X Global Health Program provides opportunities for students from Mohammed Al-Mana College for Medical Sciences (MACHS) to earn a competitive scholarship to complete their bachelor’s degrees at the University of Oregon.

The scholarship is generously funded by Dr. Aisha Almana, leading Saudi feminist, University of Oregon alum, and founder of Mohammed Al-Mana College for Medical Sciences (MACHS). Together, our goal is to support Dr. Aisha’s vision to provide transformative experiences for students who will be inspired and empowered through their education to work in public health fields. Students in the program will complete their first two years at MACHS in a curriculum vetted by faculty from the University of Oregon before completing their studies at the University of Oregon. The UO American English Institute and Global STEM Education Programs have supported MACHS curriculum reform and faculty professional development.

Scholarship Eligibility

Students who have completed two years of study at the Mohammed Al-Mana College for Medical Sciences (MACHS) are eligible. Scholarship will pay for tuition and fees to the University of Oregon.

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum TOEFL score of 88
  • GPA: 3.0 (UO equivalent on a 4.0 scale)
  • Interest in Global Health

Application Instructions

To complete your application, please submit each of the following:

  • Complete all of the steps to submit the University of Oregon International Application for Undergraduate Admission
    • Submit online application and $75 application fee
    • Demonstrate English proficiency
    • Send official documents
  • Apply for the 2+X Global Health Program Scholarship
    • Apply with the UO online application
    • Demonstrate English proficiency
    • Submit official transcripts
    • Submit a personal statement (no more than 500 words). In this statement, please reflect on how you think this experience will follow in the footsteps of Dr. Aisha to further your education, empower women, and promote global health.

Scholarship Deadlines

April 1 for Fall Enrollment 
July 1 for Winter Enrollment

Questions? Please contact Elly Vandegrift at ellyvan@uoregon.edu for program or admissions questions.