Global STEM Education

Our Mission

The mission of Global STEM at the University of Oregon is to support STEM education and innovation with global partners to change the lives of faculty and students.

Our Global STEM Education Programs connect STEM educators and trainees to improve teaching and learning experiences. Student-focused programs offer experiential education engagement. Faculty programs can include topics in project-based learning, equity and inclusion, mentorship, curriculum reform, and science communication.

Research Excellence

The University of Oregon is a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU) and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU), meaning it is one of the top 38 public research universities in the United States and 58 public research universities around the Pacific. Our research is unique, innovative and valuable to change the future trajectory of our students.

Our science education programs are designed with you. Our team works with global partners to develop fully customized education experiences. Contact our team to schedule a customized workshop and for pricing.

Global STEM Workshop

Active Learning

Learn how to engage students during class time to improve learning.

Global STEM Workshop

Course Design

Integrate course elements to prepare students for 21st Century learning and future careers.

Global STEM Practical Skills

Practical Skills Development

Develop learning experiences for students to develop practical skills from communication to laboratory abilities.

Global STEM Diversity

Equity and Inclusivity

Design courses with an equity lens to improve inclusive learning environments for students.

Global STEM Workshop Postcards

Authentic Assessment

Design assessments to provide students and faculty with real-time feedback and improve critical thinking skills.

Global STEM Project Based Learning

Project-based Learning

Incorporate projects with real world relevance to develop students' problem solving skills.

Global STEM Mentor


Support mentee and mentor training to improve mentee career success.

Global STEM Curriculum Reform

Curriculum Reform

Redesign curriculum for improved alignment to create positive learning experiences for students.

Global STEM Science Communication

Science Communication

Improve strategies to engage an audience and improve science communication.

Program Length

  • One hour online workshops
  • Week-long intensive programs
  • Repeating workshops
  • Academic year programs
  • Multi-year collaboration


Type of Programs

  • Curriculum and course design
  • Professional development
  • Mentorship
  • Workshop
  • Webinar series

Sample Programs

University administrators and science faculty interested in conducting a STEM training or who would like more information about a specific program are encouraged to email Elly Vandegrift, program director for Global STEM Education at the University of Oregon.

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