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GSI hosts international research centers and funds global engagement

We support faculty, departments, and projects that leverage internationalization to enhance UO excellence. We build a Global Oregon.

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Lillis Business Complex at the University of Oregon

3 UO Faculty Awarded Fulbright Scholarship

For the 2024-2025 competition, the following individuals have been selected to receive a Fulbright U.S. Scholar fellowship.

Dr. Jesse Abdenour, New Zealand
Dr. Lauren Hallett, Fulbright Global Scholar Program
Dr. Melissa Redford, Canada

GSI Affiliates

APRU Climate Simulation

The APRU Student Climate Change Simulation is a role-playing exercise in which students will form multi-country, multi-disciplinary teams to play the role of delegates to the UN Climate Change Negotiation. The 2024 Climate Change Simulation will run from August 22 - September 12.

APRU SCL Group Photo in Galapagos Island

APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscape

The APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscape hub is hosted at the University of Oregon. This year, the APRU-SCL 2024 Conference is August 6-8 at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. The conference will take place in Manila on the UPLB campus with related field trips.

Faculty International Research Centers

Center for Applied Second Language Studies

Center for Applied Second Language Studies

CASLS supports foreign language educators on the UO campus, nationally, and internationally so they can best serve their students. CASLS is a National Foreign Language Resource Center and home to the Oregon Chinese Flagship Program.

Center for Asian Pacific Studies

Center for Asian and Pacific Studies

CAPS is a research and outreach center devoted to promoting understanding of the Asia-Pacific region. Its primary aim is to foster collaborative and individual research engaging Asia-interested scholars from the UO, the nation, and around the world.


APRU Sustainable Cities & Landscapes Hub

Established in response to the increasing concerns about the sustainability of cities due to the worldwide trends of rapidly increasing population size and resulting urbanization.

Center for Global Health

Center for Global Health

CGH is an interdisciplinary center at the University of Oregon (UO) that supports a wide range of scientific, educational, and service-oriented initiatives designed to understand and ameliorate the world’s most challenging health and social problems.

ESMA Argentina

UNESCO Crossings Institute

An internationally-oriented research and outreach center dedicated to engaging in dialogue as a means to achieve transcultural understanding, and fostering opportunities to pave the way for conflict sensitive reporting on an international scale.

Global Justice Program

Global Justice Program

Aims to inspire students to develop the ability to use reason and conflict resolution discourse to help prevent violence and hate in personal, national, and international affairs. The Global Justice Program is sponsored by the Savage Endowment.

Translation Studies Center

Oregon Center for Translation Studies

OCTS consists of a diverse group of faculty, graduate students, and active professional community members and emeriti who work across languages and disciplines in the area of Translation Studies.

Islamic Studies Initiative

Islamic Studies Initiative

Focused on expanding academic programming in Islamic Studies and the apposite fields of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies on the University of Oregon campus.

US - Vietnam Center

The US-Vietnam Research Center promotes research and education in three broad areas: developments in contemporary Vietnam, the history and future of US-Vietnam relations, and critical issues involving the Vietnamese-American community.





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