Professional Development

Global Professional Development

The Global Professional Development programs at the University of Oregon supports leaders and educators from international institutions by providing professional development opportunities that enhance pedagogical, curricular, cross-institutional, and cross-cultural engagement across disciplines. In addition to developing strategic partnerships, our programs offer certificates to participants who complete customizable programs designed to advance their career goals.


Who Can Participate?

Leaders, administrators, professors, and researchers from non-US academic institutions who are interested in professional development opportunities in the US hosted by the University of Oregon.

Higher Education or K-12

J-1 Visiting Scholars and B-1 Business Visa holders

Academic Institutions and/or Departments

What is the Format?

In-person trainings on the UO campus

Online/UO campus hybrid trainings

Hybrid trainings and virtual sessions

Home institution on-site trainings

Varying lengths: 1 hour, 2 weeks, 3 months, 1 year, etc.

What Types of Activities Are Offered?

Professional Development opportunities are customizable to match your goals

Common program types:
Sabbatical support, leadership training, pedagogical and curricular improvement, cultural immersion, institutional strategic partnerships

Common activities include:
Lectures, workshops, discussions, school trips, business visits, cultural activities


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Explore Sample Programs

International Student Services Management 中文
A two-week program focused on introducing best practices on how American universities attract, retain and serve international students and the services provided to support their academic, social, cultural and emotional success.


J-1 Visiting Scholar Bridge Program 中文
Provide foreign university lecturers and researchers support during their academic sabbatical at the University of Oregon; A quality frame-work to ensure successful scholarship, skill development, and cultural immersion.

Higher Education Bilingual Instruction 中文
A twelve-week program focused on developing bilingual pedagogical skills and research capabilities, improving English language skills, developing sociocultural knowledge and competence.

Higher Education Administration 中文
A two-week program designed to develop transformational, visionary leaders in higher education with the knowledge, skills, perspectives, and strategies necessary to lead effectively in the globalized world. Trainings can be combined with other U.S. campus visits.

K-12 Leadership 中文
A one-week program giving school principals first-hand knowledge of how U.S. K-12 schools operate across a wide range of administrative functions. In addition to lectures from university faculty, participants visit live instructional settings in schools and classrooms to observe master teachers and principals.