Oregon Statewide Area Studies Consortia

The Consortia supports collaborative research between UO faculty and graduate students, and their colleagues at other local institutions. The Consortia's main goal is to advance cultural, economic, and political understanding of key world regions, especially South East Asia and Africa.

Oregon East Asia Network
The Oregon East Asia Network links the faculty of ten different institutions of higher education and six different community and government organizations for the purpose of promoting cooperation, collaboration, and creativity among and between East Asianists in the region. It is sponsored by the University of Oregon’s U.S. Department of Education Title VI East Asia National Resource Center.

Oregon African Studies Consortium
A statewide consortium linking five campuses in Oregon(UO, OSU, OHSU, PSU and Willamette) in collaboration on training, research and outreach related to Africa.  Africa is emerging on the world stage in economic, political and cultural terms. Our universities are responding by drawing together our faculty, curriculum, global education, international internship, programming and outreach efforts related to Africa into a unique statewide collaboration. Based at the UO, the five campus consortium facilitates curriculum sharing, video conference courses, coordinated language training in Swahili and Arabic, intensive beginner language programs in Wolof, Akan-Twi and Zulu, new course development, new study abroad and internship programs, study abroad scholarship, African artists in residence and speakers series. We partner with local community colleges, especially Lane and Chemeketa, to develop a pipeline of students aware of and curious about Africa and its place in the world.