Global Oregon Faculty Research Travel Funds

The University of Oregon's Global Studies Institute is offering international research travel awards of up to $1000 in support of the research activities of UO faculty.  Priority will go toward research projects, though travel to present research at international conferences will also be considered.

Awards will be made in the following categories: 

  • Global Sustainability:  Awards for research on climate change, sustainable development, natural resource management, city/landscape interaction, and other aspects of sustainability that highlight UO academic excellence. Funded by Gabon Oregon Center.  Awards for any global sustainability research, with modest preference for research with implications for Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Global Ethics and Human Rights:  Awards for research on global ethics, human rights, prevention of genocide, other related research that highlights UO excellence in this area. Funded by UO Global Justice Programs.
  • Global Engagement:  Awards for any international research that highlights UO academic excellence. Funded by Global Studies Institute.

Contributions from your department or Academic Support Account is required. Each submission should also include a brief letter of support of the research project from your Department Head. This can be emailed directly to

November 1, February 1, and May 1



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