Global Oregon Faculty Collaboration Fund

The Global Studies Institute (GSI) in the UO Office of International Affairs announces a new initiative, the Global Oregon Faculty Collaboration Fund, to promote research collaboration between UO faculty and colleagues at prestigious international partner institutions.

The University of Oregon is keen to enhance faculty publication productivity, citation rates, and grant-writing success. Internationalization is also a major priority in our Academic Plan. To advance these goals, the Global Studies Institute identifies a list of 100 highly ranked, strategic partner universities outside the US and provides a modest incentive for UO faculty to undertake research collaborations with colleagues at these institutions. Such partnerships have the potential to enhance our international standing, and support faculty research. 

Awards will cover the following expenses for visiting faculty:

  • Economy class round-trip airfare from home institution location to Eugene.
  • Housing costs while in Eugene.
  • Stipend of $350 per week.
  • “Global Oregon Collaboration Lecture” expenses (venue rental, publicity, a/v, and logistics).

In return, visiting faculty and their UO faculty hosts are required to:

  • Work in close collaboration during the visit on a shared research project or, where appropriate by field, other creative endeavor.
  • Make a joint public presentation of their project during the visit as part of our new Global Oregon Collaboration Lecture series.
  • Produce, as a result of the collaboration visit, a co-authored paper submitted for publication or for presentation at a major international conference, to be followed by submission for publication. Depending on discipline, other possible collaboration products may include a major grant proposal or other creative product.
  • Offer a separate, structured opportunity for students in relevant disciplines or research areas to interact directly and dynamically with the visitor during their visit to the University of Oregon. Ideally, this visit will tie into an existing course.
  • Visiting colleagues funded under the Global Oregon Faculty Collaboration Fund will be designated Global Oregon Collaboration Scholars.

UO faculty are invited to apply to this fund for an award to bring colleagues from a carefully selected list of top international partner universities to the UO for collaboration visits. Priority will be given to proposals with a minimum stay of 3 weeks (max. stay 8 weeks).

Application Instructions:
Click here for more detailed information and the application packet. This packet includes the list of eligible institutions. Questions regarding this grant should be forwarded to GSI Associate Director Lori O'Hollaren.

Applications will be considered in three cycles: December 1, March 1, and June 1. Approximately 3-5 proposals per round will be funded.