Faculty Seed Grant for Research Collaboration with GlobalPDX

The Office of International Affairs is accepting applications from UO faculty (TTF and NTTF) for a Seed Grant intended to support UO faculty research that will benefit from a collaboration with a member organization of the GlobalPDX consortium. This GlobalPDX Seed Grant is intended to support the grant-writing process for a UO faculty member who develops a collaborative research project with a GlobalPDX member (“Partner Organization”).

GlobalPDX is a consortium of Oregon based international development organizations whose aim is to increase the effectiveness and impact of its members through networking, training, collaboration, coordinated research and mentorship. GlobalPDX is open to small and large international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), academic institutions, businesses, foundations and individual funders. See http://globalpdx.org/

The University of Oregon became an institutional member of GlobalPDX in March 2017.

The Office of International Affairs seeks to seed mutually beneficial collaboration between UO faculty and GlobalPDX members. Our primary goal is to support UO faculty international research, and we believe that such research can be enhanced through collaboration with GlobalPDX member organizations.

Award Amounts:
Individual GlobalPDX Seed Grants are typically awarded for $2,000-$5,000. We anticipate awarding a total of approximately $10,000 across all Seed Grant awards.

Application deadline:
Seed Grant application deadline is Friday, August 31 at 5pm for all project proposals with grant deadlines during AY 2018-2019.

Application Materials:
All application materials should be submitted as .doc or .pdf documents and submitted in a single email to Will Johnson, Assistant Vice Provost of Operations for International Affairs: williamj@uoregon.edu

  • Research Project Abstract: a one to two page description of the proposed collaborative research project.
  • Statement of Support from Participating Organization: A brief statement of support for the faculty member’s proposal from a representative of the Participating Organization.
  • Grant Funding Description: A one page (max) description of the type and source of grant(s) that the faculty member and the Partner Organization intend to pursue. 
    • Seed Grant recipients are expected to provide a digital copy of the final grant(s) after submission to the relevant funding organization.
  •  Provide a budget explaining use of GlobalPDX Seed Grant funds including, for example, faculty time, materials, travel, research assistant, etc.  Where appropriate, the faculty member may include expenses incurred by the Partner Organization as needed for the collaboration.

Selection Process and Criteria:
The selection committee will consist of UO faculty and staff appointed by the Office of International Affairs. The following criteria will be considered during the award selection process:

  • Potential for impact of collaborative research project for faculty (e.g. publication), Partner Organization, and all other targeted beneficiaries.
  • Feasibility of project, including capacity of faculty member and Partner Organization to secure additional grant funding.
  • Potential for long-term collaboration between faculty member and Partner Organization.
  • Available Seed Grant funds per RFP cycle.
  • Number of Seed Grants previously awarded to UO faculty member or Partner Organization.
  • Faculty are encouraged to propose a collaborative project with a Partner Organization which has not already committed to another UO faculty proposal for a GlobalPDX Seed Grant
  • Except in unique circumstances, in any given round of funding we will avoid multiple awards involving UO faculty collaboration with the same GlobalPDX member.

Many GlobalPDX members have expressed interest in collaborating with UO faculty to secure a Seed Grant. To request a list of interested GlobalPDX members, please contact Marissa Streyle marissa@globalpdx.org

All other questions or concerns about the GlobalPDX Seed Grant should be directed to Will Johnson, Assistant Vice Provost of Operations for International Affairs: williamj@uoregon.edu, 541-346-4713.