Play Reading: Game of Patience with Professor Sahar Assaf.

Where: Pacific 30

Professor Sahar Assaf is an Assistant Professor of Theater at the American University of Beirut (AUB) and co-founder of Beirut’s Tahweel Ensemble Theatre. She recently co-established the AUB Theater Initiative with Robert Myers under which she directed the world premiere of the English-language versions of Saadallah Wannous’s Rituals of Signs and Transformations and The Rape, and Issam Mahfouz’s The Dictator (2015). In addition she created Watch Your Step: Beirut Heritage Walking Tour, a site-specific promenade performance marking the 39th commemoration of the beginning of the Lebanese Civil War.

Game of Patience (Jeux de patience) was written by Quebecois-Lebanese playwright Abla Farhoud, and translated from the French by Jill Mac Dougall. In the play, Monique/Kaokab, an exiled Lebanese novelist and playwright, invites her Lebanese cousin, The Mother, to stay with her in Canada at the height of the Lebanese Civil War. Samira, The Mother’s child, haunts the stage. Monique/Kaokab and The Mother desperately attempt to understand what has happened to their beloved homeland, and to their own family, ravaged by a seemingly endless civil war. Directed by Michael Malek Najjar.

CAST: Monique/Kaokab (Sahar Assaf); The Mother (Jerilyn Arnstrong); Samira (Samantha Lee)

Sponsored by the Global Studies Institute and the Rutherford Middle East Initiative.