Dennis Galvan

Dennis Galvan
Vice Provost of International Affairs
and Executive Director

Lori O'Hollaren

Lori O'Hollaren
Associate Director

Yifang Zhang

Yifang Zhang
Internship Coordinator



Kylie Post

Kylie Yihua K. Post
Professional Development Coordinator

Cindy Nelson
Financial Manager


Bryn Davis
GTF Program Assistant



Leadership of GSI Constituent Units

Jeff Hanes
Director, Center for Asian and Pacific Studies
(541) 346-4837

Yugen Wang
Executive Director, Confucius Institute
(541) 346-6161

Julie Sykes
Director, Center for Applied Second Language Studies
(541) 346-5705

Eric Benjaminson
Executive Director, Gabon-Oregon Center
(541) 346-9294


Peter Laufer, Steven Shankman
Co-Directors, Crossings Institute
(541) 346-1521

David Frank
Chair, Savage Committee for International Relations and Peace
(541) 346-4198

Jeffrey Measelle, Josh Snodgrass, Janis Weeks, Kristin Yarris
Co-Directors, Center for Global Health
(541) 346-1521

Stephen Wooten
Coordinator, Oregon African Studies Consortium
(541) 346-5299


OIA Support Staff

Chakris Kussalanant
Director of Marketing and Communications
(541) 346-2411


Cathy Method
Special Assistant to the Vice Provost for International Affairs
(541) 346-1362