“Senior Snap x Love My Accent” Project – Showcase

Where: Mills International Center

International students are away from home to study in the State. There are many obstacles for International students to overcome during their four years college life, such as language barriers and culture shock. As two seniors and international students, Mandy and Hailin, initiated a project called “Senior Snap” to assist international students with the transition to US college.

Last spring, we started to interview some AMAZING international seniors about how did they make their four years college life accomplished. We edited the interviews into short series that seniors talked over five popular topics, which are social life on/off campus, academic area, time management, internship & job opportunities, and language barriers.

We hope their experience and wisdom could help international students to make a better plan for the short study abroad life.
Along with the short series, we are making a campaign called “Love My Accent”. Every international student has more or less some accent. We believe that ACCENT is part of your identity and is not a problem for any international students to speak English and communicate with people. Don’t let your accent keep you away from making new friends, asking questions in class and practicing your English! Just be comfortable with your ACCENT, and love it!
·      Funny accent video sharing online
·      Interactive events –English tongue-twister, stories sharing
·      Senior Snap video review
·      Guest speaker
·      Video recording – speak out love my accent