Gabon intern Adriana Chedraui

Where: Mills International Center

The Gabon-Oregon Center invites you to a presentation by former Gabon intern Adriana Chedraui on Friday 2/13 from 1-2 at the Mills International Center. She is an undergraduate from OSU who did an internship in the Gamba region of Gabon, Central Africa.

"I traveled to Gabon in summer of 2014 as an intern for the Gabon Biodiversity Program, Smithsonian Institute. The Smithsonian has a unique partnership with Shell Gabon, where a team of biologists monitor and assess how the oil extraction from this company impacts the surrounding biodiversity. I absolutely loved this internship opportunity, because as a Zoology major interested particularly in wildlife conservation and management, I was able to get a first-hand look at this unique partnership and contribute to the efforts made to protect species found in the forest. I worked on several projects ranging from forest elephant monitoring in the village I stayed in to joining a team of Mangrove researchers (coincidentally from Oregon State!) along the beautiful, West African coast. Three months in Gamba, Gabon opened my eyes to an endless fulfillment and appreciation for African wildlife and culture.”


Come join us, have some pizza and learn more about Ariana’s experience.